Friday, 1 December 2006


For the first time ever, ZLS Central Library ran a week-long WORLD AIDS DAY programme from 27 - 1 December 2006 to promote HIV / AIDS awareness in Zanzibar.

115 primary and 150 secondary students from 10 schools within the Urban and West districts attended this programme and took part in video screenings with facilitated group discussions, small group reading sessions with Q&A, a quiz for secondary school students, and poster design and colouring activities for primary students.

With support from Zanzibar AIDS Commission, Save the Children UK and ZIFF, ZLS was also able to establish a dedicated HIV / AID information corner, with free pamphlets, magazines, books and audiovisual materials, in our Central Library on Unguja.

ZLS Central Library’s new collection of fiction and non-fiction books and audiovisual materials for children and young people about HIV / AIDS was well received and these materials are now available on loan to all library users.